Coaching is an essential practice for the health of pastors, pioneers, and church planters and for the long-term health and success of their ministry and the churches that they lead. We live in increasingly uncertain times where the cultural landscape is constantly shifting. One of the most effective ways to successfully navigate these uncharted territories is to receive reliable Christian coaching in an area that applies to your specific needs.

Below is a list of the Asbury Church Planting Affiliate Coaches who are expert coaches in their respective fields. We wholeheartedly endorse each one of them as an experienced coach and want to encourage anyone who is seeking a formal coach to reach out to them at their emails listed below.


Affiliate Coaches:

Dr. Winfield Bevins

Church Planting, Liturgical Missiology, Missional Formation Coaching

Winfield Bevins is an author and teacher whose passion is to help others connect to the roots of the Christian faith for spiritual formation and mission. He is the Director of Church Planting at Asbury Seminary and co-founder of Missional Formation Coaching. As a seasoned practitioner he has helped start several churches and non-profit organizations. In addition to his work as a teacher and a coach, he is the author of numerous books including Ever Ancient Ever New and Marks of a Movement.


Dr. Mark Dunwoody

Missional Formation Coaching, Non-profit Leadership, Fresh Expressions

Mark Dunwoody has more than three decades of international experience as an entrepreneur and consultant to non-profits and faith communities. Originally from Belfast, Ireland, Mark has lived in five countries and is well known, internationally, in the missional conversation as a writer, trainer, speaker, strategist and coach. While living in Canada, he was the leader of the Fresh Expressions Canada Church Planting movement. Recently, Mark led a team in the UK that had a remit to create 300 new fresh expressions of church, train 1,200 missional leaders and develop 8,000 disciples.


Dr. Iosmar Alvarez

Hispanic Church Planting, Multiethnic Contexts

Iosmar Alvarez emigrated to the U.S. from Cuba with the American dream of a lucrative job, a nice house, and church attendance on Sunday. When he arrived in the U.S. in 2001, God called him to lead and serve among the Hispanic people. Now, he is the senior pastor of Fuente de Avivamiento in Lexington, KY, and CEO of Disciple 21 Church Planting Network. His goal is to plant 2500 churches by 2028, using traditional and non-traditional methods, to make disciples for Christ.


Carolyn Moore

Church Planting, Women in Leadership, Multiethnic Contexts

Carolyn is the founding pastor of Mosaic and has been serving this ministry since 2003. She is absolutely in love with the people of Mosaic (and she’s pretty sure they like her, too). The challenge of building an authentic missional community is the thing that gets Carolyn up every day.


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