Our Process

1. Join the CCM Connection

The first step in the CCM process of exploring church multiplication and missional church ReMissioning is to join the Connection. The Connection is global community of pastors, church leaders, and scholars on mission making disciples and multiplying churches.

By joining Connection, you will be participating in a global community of pastors, scholars, and coaches who are planting hundreds of diverse churches.

  • You will gain access to our Multiplication Fellowship Application. Fellows are part of a one-year cohort with church leaders from a variety of contexts and backgrounds. Fellows receive grant funding of up to $10,000, receive exclusive invitation to the CCM Multiplication Conference, and join a coaching cohort with a veteran multiplication coach.
  • You will gain exclusive access to digital articles, e-books, video, podcasts, and audio lessons.
  • You will receive email updates regarding new training opportunities, fellowship application dates, resources, video content, and much more.

2. Pray and Discern with CCM Team Member/Coach

Discerning the call to start a new church movement, seeking to ReMission your existing church, or simply exploring what God has next for you can be challenging. Our team at the CCM is here for you.

Click Here To Contact a CCM Team Member/Coach.

3. Train with Us

The CCM is part of Asbury Theological Seminary, one of the premier seminaries in the world, and offers a host of training options from PhD, Dmin, MDiv, and MA all the way to non-academic certificates. Many of these training options are fully offered online so you may learn no matter your context. We invite you to explore what we offer by visiting these links:

4. Apply + Participate 

The Asbury Multiplication Fellowship is a 1 year fellowship program designed to develop healthy church leaders to make disciples and multiply churches

Each year we select 15 church leaders from across the United States to participate 

(Domestic USA ONLY. Churches must be within 1-3 years of starting to apply.)

Selected church leaders will:

  • Receive $10,000.00 in grant funding dispersed throughout the year
  • Join a cohort with other church leaders in the fellowship from diverse contexts for 10 months
  • Participate in regular coaching calls with a veteran Asbury church multiplication coach
  • Receive Exclusive Invitation to CCM Multiplication Conference at ATS

Multiplication Fellowship

Grant Matching

5. Receive Ongoing Coaching

After participating in either our Grant Matching or Multiplication Fellowship programs you may be seeking further coaching. We are here to help! If you are seeking coaching, a member of our CCM team would love to connect you with a qualified coach.

Click Here To Begin Connecting with a Coach. 

6. Support Others and Stay Connected

We all need love, support, and friendship. Pastors are no exception! We invite you to maintain contact with fellow church leaders through the CCM Connection, on campus visits, and summit events. If you are struggling, reach out to us. We want you to be connected and supported in the ministry God has called you to.

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