Church Multiplication EQ Assessment

The Church Multiplication EQ Assessment is designed to help create a “snapshot” of your life and ministry experiences in order to help you discover your readiness for church planting. Through our research, we have noted eight key factors that are important for starting a new church.

While there are no magical assessments that automatically guarantee success, this is intended to be an initial self-assessment tool that will help you gain a more well-rounded understanding of your potential calling to the ministry of church planting.

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8 Factors of the Assessment

I. Personal Competence

  1. Spiritual- Having a vibrant walk with Christ and daily devotional life
  2. Entrepreneurial- Seeing a preferred future beyond the present
  3. Vocational- Having a clear sense of calling
  4. Personal- Being emotionally, physically, and financially healthy

II. Social Competence

  1. Relational- Maintaining Healthy and supportive relationships
  2. Missional- Building relationships with unchurched people
  3. Cultural- Understanding cultural and context
  4. Adaptable-Being flexible and adaptable to changes and needs
The assessment was very helpful. Not only does it do a great job of giving you a snapshot of your life and ministry, it helps to show areas that you can improve and grow.
I liked the self-assessment because it is simple and focuses on vital areas for those who are thinking of starting a new church!
The EQ Assessment was tremendously helpful to get a handle on appropriate next steps.
As I went through this assessment, I felt it to be an accurate overall assessment of the different aspects of church planting and missional ministry. As I took it, I could feel myself reflecting on and, to be honest, wrestling with my weaknesses.
The categories did a great job of covering the spectrum of what a church planter needs. It gives a prospective church planter a good idea of what they will need to be successful.
I think it is a great tool to assess a church planters ability and to demonstrate areas to grow.
The questions made me examine my own heart, thoughts, motives, and spiritual disciplines. These categories caused me to pause and honestly reflect on areas of life that I wasn’t expecting examine with a simple assessment.
I found this assessment helpful. I think it’s important for one to self-reflect and examine their motives.
The online assessment tool was useful to me in identifying areas in which I am strong and confident and then areas I may need to be more committed and devoted to improving.
I enjoyed taking this assessment and identifying areas that I needed to improve in and I also feel it affirmed my calling to church planting.
I greatly appreciate the topics of cultural intelligence and missional discipleship. I think these are vitally important moving forward for our church leaders.
The questionnaire has solid content. It displays a number of essential values and skills that will need to be embraced and develop for successful church planting.
I think this assessment was helpful in causing me to reflect on many of the key characteristics, gifts, and talents new church planters will need to possess.

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