Since its inception in 2015, The Center for Church Multiplication has trained hundreds of people and built strategic partnerships from around the world. We have sensed a growing need to create a network between these partners that will serve and equip church leaders in an increasingly multicultural, secular, and global context. Our vision is to launch a network that will connect, train, and resource pastors in strategic locations and to serve a wide range of networks and denominations. If you have a passion for church multiplying, we invite you to join us!

What can I expect from joining the Asbury Center for Church Multiplication Connection?

By joining the Center for Church Multiplication Connection, you will be participating in a global community of pastors, scholars, and coaches who are planting hundreds of diverse churches. You can expect to gain exclusive access to digital articles, e-books, video, podcasts, and audio lessons. In addition to these online elements, you will be among the first to know about new training institutes in cities near you and fellowship opportunities that can help make your vision of a church movement into a reality.

What does membership cost?

Nothing! The Connection is committed to making these materials as accessible as possible to as many church leaders as possible. By reducing the barrier to entry, we are able to connect a wide spectrum of planters from every walk of life.

If you have a heart for bringing the gospel to lost people through church multiplication, we invite you to take our hand and join in God’s mission of global church movement!

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