Gathering Church Planting Demographic Data

Getting to know your context of ministry is an essential part of strategic planning for church planting. The purpose of this worksheet is to collect information about the people living in your target area so you can gain a general insight into who they are before you plant. Fill in as much of the information for your area as you can by using one of the recommended free demographic resources listed below. These reports contain all the information below plus much more. 

Gathering demographic research can be overwhelming if we don’t know what to do with the information that we have gathered about the location in which we are seeking to start a new church. So what do we do with the demographic information? According to Craig Ott and Gene Wilson, authors of Global Church Planting, there are four things that they recommend when doing demographic research: data collection, data analysis, application to strategy, and evaluation.1 After you have filled out the demographic information answer the following four questions. 

  1. Data Collection: What is the demographic information? 
  2. Data Analysis: What does this information tell us about the community and the people?
  3. Application to Strategy: What do we need to do based on this information? 
  4. Evaluation: How do we implement a plan based on this information? 

Free Demographics Resources



Description New Church Area Local Trend (+ or -) National Average
Average Age
Median Age
% Population under 18
% Population 18–24
% Population 25–34
% Population 35–44
% Population 45–54
% Population over 55
% Females
% Males
Average Household Income
Median Household Income
% Blue-Collar Workers
% White-Collar Workers
Average Number of Kids Per Family
Average Home Price
% People Owning Their Home vs Renting
% White
% Black
% Asian
% Hispanic
% over 16, Unemployed
% over 16, Not in Work force
% Single Parent Homes
% Adults Married
% over 16, Never  Married
% Divorced
% Head Household with College Degree
% over 25, No College Experience
% Commuting Outside Local Area to Work
Average Drive Time to Work (Estimate if data not available)


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