Missional Marketplace

A Missional Approach to the Marketplace asks what it would look life if “normal” Christians were to consider that it is God’s plan for them to carry out their missional calling within the marketplace and not in spite of it. This book invites church planters to approach the marketplace as a mission field and find ways to address the concerns of people who spend the majority of their day at work. This approach integrates faith and work to reach people who are not coming to traditional churches. Dr. Moon’s book is available as a free download below.

Jay Moon served 13 years as a missionary with SIM, largely in Ghana, West Africa among the Builsa people focusing on church planting and water development, along with his wife and four children. He is presently a Professor of Evangelism & Church Planting and Director of the Office of Faith, Work, and Economics at Asbury Theological Seminary. He authored three books, including Intercultural Discipleship: Learning from Global Approaches to Spiritual Formation in the Encountering Mission Series by Baker Academic. He also edited four books, including Entrepreneurial Church Planting: Innovative Approaches to Engage the Marketplace. In addition to his role as a teaching pastor in a local church plant, Jay holds a Professional Engineer’s license and his MBA focused on social entrepreneurship.

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