Multiplication Fellowship

Applications are now CLOSED for 2022-2023 (disregard if you are a referral)

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The Asbury Center for Church Multiplication is excited to partner with church leaders who are engaging in new, innovative approaches to church multiplication in the 21st century. Each year, we will select qualified church leaders to be a part of our fellows’ program. As a fellow, you will be a part of a one-year cohort with other leaders from a variety of contexts and backgrounds. You will receive grant funding of up to $5,000, enjoy free resources, and receive regular coaching calls from an veteran church leader. If God is calling you to start a church movement then we invite you to apply for our next cohort of the Asbury Multiplication Fellowship.


  1. Applicants must have established a core group of 10 people committed to being a part of the church by the time of the application.
  2. Applicants must be within 1-3 years of the launch of the proposed or existing church movement.
  3. There are no educational prerequisites for the Multiplication Fellowship.
  4. While no ministry experience is strictly required for acceptance to the program, any relevant experience will strengthen your application.
  5. Core Group of 10 People
  6. Strategic Plan Document/Case Statement (Word Doc or PDF) – Strategic Planning Guide
    • Describe your call to ministry/church planting
    • Vision/mission of church plant
    • (Location) Context description of where you wish to plant
    • Progress since launch of church plant (or launch timeline if not launched)
    • Assessment of funds impact/how will church assess success 
    • Description of Church Planting Model – Article
    • Leadership/leadership structure
  7. Current Budget + Projected Budget Document  – Budget Template 


Upon Selection

  • Interview via Zoom with a member of the CCM team
  • Sign Covenant which outlines:
    • Every 3 months financial report, progress essay, and impact self-assessment
    • Expectations for Coaching Cohorts (Attendance, etc)

Application Process

The application process for the fellowship consists of several steps that allow us to get to know each other. At each stage, if both parties decide that our visions and callings are in alignment, we will invite the planters to continue in the application. The process has multiple steps moving through four stages: Application, Assessment, Interview, and Award.

  1. Apply – The initial applicant process begins when you submit the Asbury Multiplication Fellowship Application. This application includes information about you and your past ministry experience as well as space to describe the vision for the church movement.
  1. Assess – The assessment phase involves taking the free online assessment at this link to assess your potential fit for church planting. We will review the results prior to the interview stage.
  1. Interview – If your application is accepted, you will be invited for a virtual interview to discuss your unique proposal for church planting and potential fit for being a fellow. The Center for Church Multiplication team will conduct these interviews.
  1. Award – If your proposal is approved, you will then be invited to become an official fellow and will be awarded a grant to assist with a new church movement. Some candidates may be required to attend a two-day church multiplication training offered on campus or in the field. Ask us for dates and details.  Approved candidates will also be required to participate in a coaching process with a member of our church multiplication team. Any grants awarded will be disbursed according to the following calendar. Both financial and narrative reports will also be due on the below dates.

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