Strategies For Navigating New Realities

February 24, 2021 @ 3p Eastern

Last month, we premiered our very first Learning Lab on Strategies for Navigating Changing Realities, where Dr. Winfield Bevins shared about different approaches to leadership that can help you adapt to the dynamics of our world. There was such a great response to that event that we have decided to host an entire series on the topic and bring in various speakers to share strategies from their own areas of expertise.

Mark Dunwoody, co-founder of Missional Formation Coaching, will present lessons from his upcoming book Healthy Rhythms for Thriving Leaders; How to Cultivate Soul Care in Challenging Times (co-written with Winfield Bevins) on how ancient practices from Scripture and Church history can help us connect our spiritual and missional practices.

The webinar will be structured around Mark’s love of storytelling, and we will be drawing out lessons that remind us that Mission isn’t just doing something for God, but begins and ends with being with God.

Dr. Mark Dunwoody has more than three decades of international experience as an entrepreneur and consultant to non-profits and faith communities. Originally from Belfast, Ireland, Mark has lived in five countries and is well known, internationally, in the missional conversation as a writer, trainer, speaker, strategist and coach.

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