Three New Missional Realities Churches Must Face

Churches genuinely seeking to reach people with the gospel must constantly evaluate the cultural climate in which they live. How readily people receive the gospel is often affected by variables that should be taken into consideration by church planters, evangelists, and anyone sharing the good news with the lost. In this Seven Minute Seminary, Daniel Yang, Director of Send Institute, shares three new realities that we all must face:

  1. Multiculturalism is impacting the nature of mission itself.
  2. Models of church-planting are being refashioned to suit our changing cultural landscape.
  3. Generation Z is the emerging generation with different sensibilities, concerns, and needs.

Why church-planting? The pages of church history are full of amazing stories of men and women of faith who changed the course of history and influenced the world through church planting. Regardless of whether you are in a city, in a rural community, or on an island, this book will outline general principles that will help you develop a unique church-planting process that fits your context. Learn more about church-planting with the Church Planting Revolution by Winfield Bevins. This book is perfect for:

  • Individuals exploring church planting
  • Teams planting a church
  • Church planters looking for training

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