Top Ten Things Satan Wants You To Believe About New Church Starts

  1. Your fellow ministers will totally support what you’re doing.
  1. You have the best church vision anyone has ever invented, and folks will flock to you because of it.
  1. A goatee, faded jeans, and a t-shirt are all you need to be successful (and maybe a drivin’ bass player).
  1. If you have energetic preaching and good music, people will flock to your church.
  1. God’s blessing comes in the form of numerical stats (he might also want you to believe that numbers don’t matter at all).
  1. If you (as a pastor) work 50% harder, God will bless you 50% more.
  1. If you (as a member of the community) get involved in a new church, your life will improve overnight.
  1. Your worth rests in how much better (or worse) you are doing than others in your network/ community/ conference.

9. Never mind how happy the folks around you are, you are doing a terrible job.

10. Your new church will either be the best in the history of all church plants everywhere, or the worst failure. There is no in-between.

And the one thing the enemy wants you to believe above all else: He is not a threat.

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